We repair Mac Mini
Mac Mini RepairWe do not see many Mac Minis for repair, mainly for upgrading hard drives and memory.  There are no typical faults - those that have come in faulty has mainly been no power issue.  With the newer models where there is no power adapter, these are very reliable and are rarely seen for a hardware failure.

The 2014 onwards Mac Minis now have flash drives fitted and RAM is soldered on to the main logic board.  Therefore these cannot have their RAM upgraded and there is a limit on upgrading drive capacity.

When bringing/sending your faulty mac mini in for repair, if possible, please enclose the installation disks (for older models please include the power adapter). Also, if you can bring/send it in it's orginal packaging, that would be appreciated.

Should you have any enquiries prior to repair please email, stating the serial number (and job number if relevant).