We repair iMacs, both in and out of warranty.
When bringing/sending your faulty imac in for repair, if possible, please enclose the installation disks.  Also, if you can bring/send it in it's original packaging, that would be appreciated.

There are no typical probem with iMacs, as the majority go on until they are not needed without the need of our services.  However, we see our fair share and have an indepth knowledge of issues regarding iMacs.  Always check your Memory/RAM before bringing in, alot of issues can be placed down to wrong speed or poorly fitted memory.

If you are wondering whether or not you need our services, contact us. We make it fairly easy with an initial assessment being free of charge.

Should you have any enquiries prior to  repair please email, stating the serial number (and job number if relevant).


Unless there is a problem with your keyboard, mouse or power cord, you do not need to take the trouble of bringing/sending these in.